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Our Accomplishments

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

What Have We Been Doing

What have we been doing to accomplish these goals?

  • Perform daily / nightly patrols in and around Dawson Creek and local communities – having a constant presence Is key!

  • Create a database of known criminals, vehicles and properties being used for crime in and around Dawson Creek

  • When we witness something out of the ordinary, suspicious, or clearly illegal – notify RCMP of the situation

  • Perform periodic “protests “in front of known thief / drug houses to prevent them from becoming too comfortable

  • Help local landlords with evictions / uncomfortable situations with unruly tenants

  • Show up to periodic Council meetings to discuss our concerns and goals with Mayor and council

  • Write letters to RCMP officials / Sergeants/ Staff Sergeants and administrators regarding the lack of support / drive from our local RCMP

  • Staying in contact with all Citizen Take Action members via our “Signal App” group chat and patrol chat, to keep the flow of information continuous, up to date and available to our whole group at all times

  • Being there to support each other in situations that arise

Other accomplishments:

  • Eviction of thieves / drug addicts from Alahart Hotel

  • Discovery and recovery of a large amount of stolen property (trucks, quads, trailers, tools, generators, etc)

  • Have made the RCMP more aware of who is committing crime, where they are committing crime, and where they are staying

  • Noticeably reduced theft wave in Dawson Creek

  • Putting pressure on city council. They recently agreed to write a letter to the Attorney General in hopes that criminals will stop getting a mere slap on the wrist

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