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Group Communication

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

“Signal” (Secure messaging App used by our group)

  • Once you have attended a meeting, we will retrieve your contact information. One of our group Admin’s can invite you to our several chats on the app – Signal.

  • You can download the Signal App on your respective phone (i-phone or Android). You will have to enter your actual cell phone number to verify your signal account. It is free, encrypted, and secure.

  • Once you have the Signal App running on your phone, you can use your invitation to join our group chats.

  • We have six forums: Citizens take action forum (used for general information and discussion), Citizens patrolling (used for patrolling and any information regarding current patrols), CTA Court and Warrant info only (court information and warrant documents pertaining to Dawson Creek crime), CTA political action forum (used for pre populated letter heads and information you can send to your elected officials etc.), CTA documents and info only (digital copies of information we have accumulated), and 911 only(use only in the event there is an active emergency or situation we are dealing with and need help from members immediately)

  • We ask that all non patrolling related issues stay within the forum that pertains to respective information.

How, and what to do when you’re contacting the RCMP:

  1. If it is a serious emergency – dial 911

  2. If not, call 250-784-3700 – press 1

  3. You will speak to a dispatcher. Inform them of the situation and what’s going on. Provide as much information as you can to get their attention and help them know how to deal with the situation.

  4. They will ask for your information. Provide them with it.

  5. Most importantly, once they have your information- demand a file number. You will be the only person able to request information regarding that file once it’s created and it will be added to their database.

  6. If you can, wait for an officer to arrive and see how the situation is handled.

  7. The RCMP makes change based off of statistics and metrics. The more File numbers in our town, the more help the detachment may receive in the future.

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