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Citizens Take Action

Dawson Creek, B.C.

Welcome to Citizens Take Action! We are a newly created community watch group based in Dawson Creek (with future growth in Fort St John. Our mission is to restore peace of mind to our community by helping yo reduce crime and holding the RCMP and local governments accountable.


At Citizens Take Action, we believe that every citizen has a right to safety and security. We are working together to ensure that the safety of our community is taken seriously. We are here to educate, inform and empower members of the community to take action to help protect our neighbourhoods.


Our goal is to bring everyone together in a collaborative effort to reduce crime and hold the RCMP and local governments accountable. We are here to supporting resources to residents who are facing crime related issues in their neighbourhoods. Our ultimate goal is to foster a safe and secure community that we can be proud of.


You can be a part of the change. Together we can make a difference and create a safe and secure community. Thanks for your support!

How We Got Started.....

A group of CTA was formed with 20 people at the first meeting. It was discussed how the 5 ton food delivery van was stolen from Dawson Creek and found a month later on the north Rose Praire hill.


A person commented that their mailbox was vandalized and burnt and the Rose Praire church was torched by vandals.


It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure there were some bad people strolling these parts. The RCMP are too busy with mental health and domestic disputes, apparently.  


Three weeks passed and a CTA FSJ member went for a drive and noticed a lot of dead vehicles and lots of other misc items.


One thing that stood out for him was an enclosed trailer that looked just like the one recently stolen from Baldonal. The owner of the trailer was notified and taken to the rural location where he confirmed it was his and his Three snowmobiles were still there. Rcmp was called as well as other CTA members. 12 CtA members mobilized and were there right away. Rcmp came shortly after and verified the stolen goods and Two search warrants were secured as the RCMP hauled away 10 stolen trucks, 3 snowmobiles, and an enclosed trailer.


The following weekend CTA from Dawson and FSJ worked jointly to get permission from the land owner which allowed CTA to find 2 more trucks, 2quads, and a flat deck trailer all stolen. RCMP called a second time. AT least 300 000.00 worth of things recovered.

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